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  1. Peloton Bike Discussions
    I can connect my apple watch to the bike+ (hold it up to the top of the screen) before the first workout in a stack. However, every workout after that first one, I hold my watch up to the same place, it tries to connect and then times out. Anyone else have this issue??
  2. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Hi, Recently purchased the Bike+ to improve my fitness/health after heart surgery a few years ago. I’m coming to the end of the ‘mastering the basics’ program and have enjoyed the structure and variety it offers. Does anyone have any advice or tips on what I should do once I finish this first...
  3. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Hi, Apologies if this is over share; but I wear an iWatch with a screen cover and keep getting sweat under the cover. Any ideas on how to stop this? I’ve tried sweat bands, but the problem is on the other side of the watch!
  4. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Hi, I’m new to Peloton and had a Bike+ delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, the screen will only power up if I put the power cable directly into the back of the screen. Whilst I wait for it to be fixed (another week!), would it harm the bike/screen to keep the power cable in the back of the...
  5. Peloton Bike Discussions
    In just the past two weeks, I've noticed as I increase resistance on the Bike+, everything is increasing normally until I hit about 51-52, then it becomes drastically easier until I climb to about 59, then it kicks back in. I feel it. I see my output numbers drop. I see my effort meter drop...
  6. Peloton Apps, Calibrations, And Firmware Updates
    Am I missing something or has Peloton not yet made it possible to access the same app function of "My Schedule" to see only the classes I have scheduled listed on the actual bike+ screen? This seems like a no-brainer. Is this in the works because the actual ($$$$) machine should be able to...
  7. Peloton Bike Discussions
    I orderd a bike plus to replace my current bike and I am trying to order a screen cover for storage purposes but I cannot find a measurement for the deminsions for the screen other than the 23.8". Can anybody measure their screen on the bike+ width and height including the speakers and share it...
  8. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Hi, new poster here! I got my first Peloton in Oct 2020. I ordered the original OG but 3 weeks in (while still in my 30 day trial) I asked to upgrade to the bike+, which is arriving next week. I only upgraded because I thought I should have the newer screen, and maybe would appreciate the auto...
  9. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Hello! Bike+ newbie here. Was wondering if anyone else has a loud kind of motorized humming noise and vibrations whenever changing resistance on Bike+. Haven’t heard many complaints about it but I can’t seem to hear any noise when watching others’ videos on Bike+.
  10. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Received my Bike+ in October. When playing music at some frequencies, the soundbar sound is quite distorted. I’ve run through troubleshooting w support (various reboots which I knew would do nothing) and they told me they’d replace touchscreen. They then went radio silent and haven’t responded...
  11. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Exchanged my perfectly good bike for the + today and it doesn’t work- error x01tpz001! I saw 1 other post about this and the fix didn’t work for me. The replacement is ‘going to be awhile’, according to customer service. I’m willing to self solve... I just can’t figure it out.
1-11 of 11 Results