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  1. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Brand new bike. Literally, two workouts, and I got a nasty clunking noise coming from the flywheel. What the heck? Video link attached. Any ideas? I'm contacting the company but I want to know what could be.
  2. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Had my bike + for 5 weeks before getting noises from bottom bracket on high resistance/cadence and while out of the saddle. BB confirmed by engineer on customer service here in U.K. No fix for 2 m. I think this is unacceptable. I paid for the bike up front. Is this a common problem? Where...
  3. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Hello! Bike+ newbie here. Was wondering if anyone else has a loud kind of motorized humming noise and vibrations whenever changing resistance on Bike+. Haven’t heard many complaints about it but I can’t seem to hear any noise when watching others’ videos on Bike+.
1-3 of 3 Results