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  1. Peloton Bike Discussions
    I got my bike this last Christmas (best gift ever!) so since Jan 1 I have completed 219 rides. I'm a 53 female in good shape. My PR for a 45 minute class is 363 and for the last few weeks my numbers have gone down, and when I say down I'm lucky to break 300. I'm getting a good workout, heart...
  2. Peloton Tread Discussions
    When the instructor finishes the ride with a minute or so remaining for cool down, I am noticing some riders continue riding hard and are moving up in the leadership ranking. Isn’t the ride technically over? I was just neck and neck with somebody during a 30 min HIT and this dude kept going hard...
  3. Peloton Tread Discussions
    Curious to hear other people’s opinions. When the instructor finishes the ride with 1 or so minutes remaining for cool down, do riders keep riding hard or is the ride over? I ask because I’m noticing riders are taking advantage (in my view) by riding as hard to increase their output ranking...
  4. Peloton Bike Discussions
    Funny title I know - but I have a question. I just completed my hundredth ride with my peloton bike. I’ve gradually been getting better and better. I’ve had a couple 45 min rides where I had over 1,000 kj and a 400 watt avg. I’m 6’4” / 200 lbs. before the bike I was running 7/8 miles a day. I’ve...
1-4 of 4 Results