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  1. Peloton Apps, Calibrations, And Firmware Updates
    I can find no info on why an outdoor 20 min recovery run added to the app on 10/15/21 just disappeared. I just received an email about it the other day added it to my stack for next outdoor run and went to preload it into phone tonight but it's gone?! I know they purge old workouts from time to...
  2. Peloton Bike Discussions
    I'm personally frustrated with the fact that the Apple Watch doesn't integrate the HRM with Peloton, especially when there are apps that supposedly do this. BlueHeart for example is supposed to allow this integration via your iPhone, but its never worked for me - does work for some though. Now...
  3. Peloton Digital Discussions
    I just ordered my bike, and as it will not arrive until August I decided to use the APP for some power walks. I am using the Peloton app on my iPhone and I have an Apple Watch to measure my heart rate. The number of calories that I am getting seem way way way high. These are my numbers 45 min...
1-3 of 3 Results