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    I'm a relatively new Bike+ owner and while I'm overall very happy with it, I'm finding the auto-follow resistance feature a bit of a let down. I often want to work at a higher resistance than the range set by the instructor, and although I can manually increase the resistance when auto-follow is...
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    In just the past two weeks, I've noticed as I increase resistance on the Bike+, everything is increasing normally until I hit about 51-52, then it becomes drastically easier until I climb to about 59, then it kicks back in. I feel it. I see my output numbers drop. I see my effort meter drop...
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    Hello! Bike+ newbie here. Was wondering if anyone else has a loud kind of motorized humming noise and vibrations whenever changing resistance on Bike+. Haven’t heard many complaints about it but I can’t seem to hear any noise when watching others’ videos on Bike+.
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    The HUGE new feature no one is talking about...Autofollow. My preference for indoor training has been computer/app controlled smart trainers...e.g. Wahoo Kickr. Having the program control the resistance makes for a much more intelligent workout. Autofollow...if Peloton does it
1-4 of 4 Results