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  1. Peloton Bike, Tread and Digital News
    On Saturday, April 17th, our charity will be hitting the bikes to raise money for our cancer scholarship program. How it works? Please add #jdjfoundation as your bike hashtag so that we will know you are participating. The plan is to hop on our Pelotons, join an old 45min on demand ride and...
  2. Peloton Tread Discussions
    When the instructor finishes the ride with a minute or so remaining for cool down, I am noticing some riders continue riding hard and are moving up in the leadership ranking. Isn’t the ride technically over? I was just neck and neck with somebody during a 30 min HIT and this dude kept going hard...
  3. Peloton Tread Discussions
    Curious to hear other people’s opinions. When the instructor finishes the ride with 1 or so minutes remaining for cool down, do riders keep riding hard or is the ride over? I ask because I’m noticing riders are taking advantage (in my view) by riding as hard to increase their output ranking...
1-3 of 3 Results