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10 min cool downs

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I'm not loving the fact that Peloton is frequently serving up 10 minute cool downs instead of 5 minute ones after rides. Chances are, if I'm taking a 20-30 minute ride I don't have a lot of time to work out. I find too, that by the time I back out and search for a 5 minute cool down, I may as well have just taken the 10 minute session. Are others frustrated by this?
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I think your rationale is probably a good one - that if you're taking a shorter ride you're probably interested in a shorter cool down as well. My guess is that they may serve up options based on data science predicting what those people are likely to want but they may not.

I would fill out a feature request form for Peloton and submit your suggestion:)
Thank you - I will do that!
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