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2 weeks with the Peloton

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Came across this great article/video that covers one persons two week experience with the Peloton. While they were impressed with the amount of fat lost and muscle gained they do think the cost might be hard to justify for anyone other than a spinning enthusiast. For them a studio still provides a better experience and doesn't come with the huge initial price tag.
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Can't get over the fact that some people have these bikes in close proximity to other areas they frequent a lot at home, and work out as hard as they do. I understand people are moving into smaller places but sometimes its too small for any workout equipment
Not sure that 2 weeks is enough time to properly test the product/platform. The results are only going to be as good as your consistency around workouts and maintaining a balanced diet.
Losing a pound over a two week period is a healthy amount, but I agree you won't see any real improvements for several months. I'd be curious to know if this video was sponsored or not, because I know typically they have to indicate if it is.
I'm inclined to agree with you Selene. On average it would probably take up to 3 months just to get your body acclimated to cycling if its something you haven't done before. If this was sponsored he didn't do a very good job promoting the product lol.
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