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Any tips to get me using my bike!

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I'm struggling with getting on my bike and am being lazy but no I should get on it ! Anyone got any tips / advice to get me started?
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Get on it first thing in the morning and do shorter rides first if you’re not up for a long one. 20 minute rides can help you start making it a habit.
I think about how much it costs and it motivates me. Also I really want to get back into shape and I know if I don't do it, it won't work. I started off with 10 min rides, I add a minute each day so now I am doing 20 min rides and just stopped short at 17 minutes. I have had very little soreness this way. I try to keep up with the cadence and resistance but if I don't, I don't. I think it is more important to keep yourself at a rate you can still talk. That is how you know it is an aerobic rate. If you go higher it is an anaerobic rate and you don't really burn fat at that rate. You start burning fat at a 20 min aerobic rate. I remember that if I don't keep up with the instructor it's okay, I'll get there someday. Right now I am really out of shape so I take it slow and steady. I have already improved my cadence with just 7 rides. I also do the low impact rides, because I am not up to anything higher than that yet. You have got to work at your own pace until you get to the instructor's pace. Just my humbe opinion.
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Thanks everyone, all very useful
Another thing that motivates me is to set a time to do a live or on demand ride with a friend. I regularly do this with a friend from high school who lives in another state. Helps with accountability.
I have found that scheduling time to ride with a friend keeps me on the bike too. I've started scheduling recurring friend rides on the calendar.
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