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Apple Watch keeps disconnecting while doing outdoor walks on iPhone app

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I just started going for outdoor walks using my iPhone and the Peloton app, and using my Apple Watch as the heart rate monitor. I also like doing ten minute arms and other workouts through my iPhone when I can.

The issue I'm having is that it feels like every few seconds I look down at my Apple Watch and it says that it's lost connection, so there's no heart rate being tracked by my phone. I'll have entire workouts where 35-40% of my heart rate data isn't tracked at all.

When I'm on my bike I use a different heart rate monitor, but I can't seem to make this work with my watch. Is anyone else having this issue?
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Hey @JaySeeMeRiding! Welcome to the forum. I've seen this before on other sites and on Facebook. These steps might help you out with making sure your watch stops disconnecting.

Thanks for sharing! I found this same post and tried the trouble shooting steps and none of it has led to an improved experience unfortunately.
It seems to be happening every time I lower my arm to my side while walking. The second I bring my wrist up to look at the watch it snaps out of it, but the moment I lower my arm to walk normally it disconnects again.
I have this exact same issue. Arms down looses connection and when I bring arm up it connects. I’m loosing 25% HR during a run. O have the watch v5 - I’m waiting for the next version to come out (7 should come out soon) and hoping it’s a problem with the watch and not the phone (I have the 12).
I have the 7 series and it still does this, it doesn’t on a treadmill but does outdoors so I’m almost wondering if this is a Peloton issue.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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