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Apple Watch + Running/Jogging + Peloton App

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Hi all,

my Peloton + is coming (hopefully) on 1/18 and I'm trying out the Peloton app a bit in the meantime. :)

I like to go jogging outside and have always just started Apple's own Workout app for that.
If I'm seeing this correctly, the runs made with that, don't transfer over to my Peloton account though, correct?
I would have to use the Peloton app for that. That might be something to get over, though:

  • Seems to me there is only the option to run with a coach. Would be cool if there was just a "just run" where I could listen to my music/podcast. Just like it is possible on the bike after all. Or am I missing something?
  • I do have to take my iPhone with me to run and can't just run with the Watch.
  • The app just crashed on me twice while running. The recorded data was there until the crash, however, I can not simply continue the guided program again at the crash point, but would have to start it again from the beginning. If this is always so unreliable, I'd rather do without it. :-/

Any Tips? How do you run outside and sync your data with Peloton?

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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