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I’m puzzled why Peloton would go to the trouble of allowing the bike’s resistance to be digitally modified by the internal computer (instead of just with the knob) and then severely limiting the usefulness of that feature.

As it stands now, according to the user manual, Auto-Follow, the feature that automatically changes the resistance of the bike (how hard you have to pedal to maintain the same RPM) is limited only to on-demand classes. So when the instructor calls out for a change in resistance from one number to another, the bike will do it for you.

But this feature DOESN’T WORK in live classes. Why?

This feature DOESN’T WORK during manual workouts. So if you want to maintain a 120bpm heart rate, for example, and you want the bike to adjust the resistance for you automatically to maintain that heart rate, you’re out of luck.

This is all just a matter of software programming, and these features already exist in many other cardio machines of various brands, so I’m puzzled as to why Peloton chose not to implement this on their new bike.

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That's an interesting idea. On my old spin bike I used to do something like that. I would use my Garmin HRM and set an alert if my HR went above or below the range I wanted to maintain and I would just watch movies or TV shows. Your idea would be a cool feature for Peloton.
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