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Following almost 2 months out due to peroneal tendinopathy I've just signed up to the 2 month free digital trial and did my first 2 classes today. After spending almost an hour waiting for chat support and getting the wrong info I thought I'd try ask here please.
  1. Some classes don't have a difficulty rating of the blue square - beginner / yellow - intermediate / orangey red - advanced. As the live classes haven't been rated yet how / where can I find out what level they are set at?
  2. For the none live classes I have seen that there are difficulty ratings but what determines this? Is it how difficult it is when considered against a level of fitness? Or the technicality of the moves?
  3. Live scheduled classes - when / where do you find out the equipment that's needed? I asked on the Peloton chat before doing 2 this morning and was told it would be listed and if it's not then nothing is needed. No equipment was listed for any of the classes on the schedule. The yoga needed blocks and the strength needed 2 sets of dumbbells. The classes after they're live do list the equipment so am I missing something to know what's needed for when they're live?
  4. Are there any kettlebell classes hidden anywhere?
  5. Is there anything else that's really useful to know as a Peloton Digital beginning?
Thanks in advance!
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