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Beware!!! - of downloading updates

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I downloaded an “update” this morning, and my bike has been locked in a cycle of “downloading” versus “download complete at 100%” since 0800. Techs have told me that other members are experiencing the same problem, but they (Peleton) don’t have a solution. Others have been exposed to buying a new monitor. I purchased a new monitor in the fall of 2019.
I’m disgusted with the greedy tactics at Peleton
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I’m really contemplating a class action because it’s their download that causing the monitors to go out and they’re not covering for that but yet urging you to purchase a monitor @ $700.00 I can’t afford.
I called and spoke with a staff person, who once confirmed that I had already purchased a new monitor in 2019, suddenly cleared up my issue. It’s a scam to make us buy new monitors.
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