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Hi everyone, I recently ordered a Bike Plus with delivery by XPO scheduled for December 2nd, 2020 (hopefully that really happens).

This is a quote off of the Peloton website: "We are implementing a new delivery format where we will fully assemble your Bike and bring it to the entrance to your home or apartment unit."

Does anyone know who is assembling the bike, if XPO is performing the delivery? I'm wondering if Peloton performs the assembly of the frame, attaching the front & back feet, pedals, ect. and then hands it off to XPO along with the boxed up screen for delivery or if XPO is actually doing the assembly? Makes me nervous if XPO is doing it.

Also if you need a repair done and you're outside of the Peloton service area, who are they sending . . . someone from XPO? I don't see how someone from XPO would actually be a qualified Peloton service technician.
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