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Bike Delivery During Covid

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Are they still able to assemble the bike?
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Our Bike+ was delivered this week and they set it up outside and then brought it in. All very professional and safe.
Yup. They just wear masks. I'd recommend having them assemble and make sure everything is working before they leave in case there are any issues.
I guess there are pro's and con's to this strategy, but below is my attempted delivery story;

Ordered a Bike + on Sep 28 2020, earliest scheduled delivery was Dec 10 2020!! I also, considered looking at other options but a call to customer service, they were able to bump it up to Oct 21! Super excited, and prepped everything for that day - even took off work. If you're wondering, yes that was yesterday, and no I still do not have my Peloton Bike+.

The XPO delivery company was supposed to call 30min prior to arriving in the 3-6pm window - well they didnt.
Instead, Im downstairs around 2pm and my ring doorbell tells me someone is at my door.... I rush upstairs to see the delivery truck outside! ONLY to have the driver greet me with... "mannnnn I just dropped the screen on the concrete, I broke your bike" - I literally thought it was a joke, I almost laughed until I looked out there and sure enough the screen is shattered on the concrete.

He only came to my door to tell me, the bike doesnt look damaged I can accept it, and wait for a new screen - but he recommends me refuse the entire delivery and get a whole new system. Absolutely speechless, I couldnt utter anything but... "uhh umm... okay..."

He walked away and pushed the bike back in the truck and drove off.

Let me set the scene for you - its a cold, wet, windy, overcast fall afternoon in the midwest... a miserable afternoon.
These delivery drivers get the bike out on the tailgate that lowers to the ground, its hovering 4ft above the concrete pavement on the tailgate ledge, they apparently thought it would be a good idea there - to install the 24" glass monitor, so they take it out of the box, and while attempting to install it to the bike, its not secured correctly and it falls off the bike out of his hands and crashes into the road. $3000 piece of equipment, attempted install outside in the cold and wet, hovering 4ft above the ground... BRILLIANT, whatever could go wrong - did!!
(I mean, even IF he installs the screen correctly outside, its likely not going to fit the clearance down my stairs to the basement gym... so if he got it inside without breaking, we'd had to still remove the screen again to get it to its destination in my home.)

After explaining all of this to Peloton, I now have a new delivery date a few weeks out... Peloton is refunding $125 of the $250 delivery charge - so kudos to them, even though this wasn't their mistake. They clearly explained that is not how the delivery or setup should have went, their customer service was great and super understanding and noted the entire situation. XPO on the other hand, I guess the driver told them I refused delivery because it was broken - leaving out the part where they dropped it and shattered it while assembling it outside. They did not seem to care as much, I am not trying to get anyone fired but I just explained it, said I have it all on my ring doorbell camera and that they should really look into a different standard/practices for deliveries with expensive equipment. I explained, this next delivery if they are the delivering party it better not be assembled in the street!

So all in all, thats my delivery story - I guess I still have one more to go, but hoping for a better outcome. Hopefully this is helpful or insightful for someone else, as it totally caught me off guard and looking back/or forward - I know next time I will be upstairs and watching for them to try to avoid this happening again. Or at the minimum, DO NOT take the screen out of the box outside - worst case I will install it myself.

Until then, ......still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Peloton Bike+
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