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Is the option of having the class manage your resistance based on your individual numbers a good thi

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The HUGE new feature no one is talking about...Autofollow.
My preference for indoor training has been computer/app controlled smart trainers...e.g. Wahoo Kickr. Having the program control the resistance makes for a much more intelligent workout.
Autofollow...if Peloton does it a game changer. IMO way more important than the swivel screen. If the user has taken the FTP text, Pelotons software knows your resistance Zones. If the instructor (the class program) is controlling the change in resistance ON A PERCENTAGE BASIS, every rider in a class is participating in a truly indidualized custom program.

I believe this is a true disruptor in smart trainer market appeal.
This definitely gonna be 🤔 interesting.
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I love the idea! Makes it more like riding outside and I'm looking forward to not having to mess with the dial.
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