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Hi. We just recently upgraded/exchange to a bike +. Like everyone else noticed a drop in our output but understand the trade off with more accurate calibration.

During a ride today everything felt normal then suddenly I noticed myself struggling to hit moderate cadence at 40 resistance. I then noticed my output was in the 200s.
40res 87cad = 238watts
40res. 63cad = 202 watts.
Going into a climb around 70res felt like a ton. Obviously the bike wasn’t reading the resistance correctly.

i recalibrated after the ride and all felt normal again.

We have only had this bike for a few weeks and have recalibrated at least weekly. Is this something I should be concerned about?

On another note xpo has last minute canceled 5 times on the pickup of our old bike. Wasted hours of our time and unfortunately peloton won’t do anything about it. We still have our old bike crammed in a room with our new one. (I know 1st world problems)

Was really psyched for the bike + but if this is a normal issue it’s not worth it.
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