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I have a toolkit coming, so this may be a premature question, but I lack patience :) I've had my bike for two years. I've noticed that I consistently rank bottom 10% no matter what class, how hard I ride. I can be completely SPENT and I rank low. Anything above the 30s on resistance and I struggle. Now, having said that, a bit of background. I'm in really good shape. I'm a Physical Education teacher, runner, etc. Been active my whole life. So, quite frankly, I've always suspected that my bike wasn't calibrated correctly. Maybe it's ego, but I'm like, really? THAT many people are in better shape than me? My best output on a 30 minute ride is 164, to give you an idea. Wellll, I did something dumb. I tried to calibrate without tools. I did everything minus the wedge. Now, my output has skyrocketed! As in, triple, or more! Everything seems so easy when I stay in instructor's ranges. So, I think it's now it's stupidly off in the other direction. I will say this, though. It says 100 when all the way to the right. It says 0 when all the way to the left. I referred to a chart that says generally where one should be on output at 80 cadence and 50 resistance, and 100 cadence and 50 resistance. And guess what? My output is right on track with what that chart says. So I'm thinking, is it really right now? Am I in that good of shape? I don't think I'm that good. As in, I did Kendall's Iron Maiden ride today, stayed in her ranged and it did not kill me whatsoever. I'll be curious to see what happens after I calibrate with the wedge. My mind and body says reality lies somewhere in the middle. I just want a correct reading :(
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Calibrating your Peloton Bike can be a difficult task, but with the right tools and instructions it becomes much easier. The first step is to level your bike by turning both of the screws on each side of the frame until they are parallel to one another. Next, you need to tighten all bolts that connect your handlebars and seat to the frame as well as any other hardware that attaches those pieces together. Once this is done, you will want to measure from where these two points meet in
I just want a correct reading :(
I'm 71 y.o., 200 pounds, and probably in better than average shape for my age. On a heavily used Peloton at our YMCA that may or may not be in calibration, a resistance of 65+ is difficult for me to hold for 5 minutes when I am well rested.

My personal best for a 30 minute ride is 377 and PB for 5 minute rides is 83. Generally, if I am intentional about working hard, I can be in the top 1% on 5 minute rides, but those are Warmups and Cool-downs, so it is a false sense of accomplishment. I can be in the top 10% of all riders on 10 minute climbs, so that seems more representative.

YMMV (your milage may vary ;-)
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