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Candence and Resistance Ranges not visible

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I have had my peloton for less than a week and noticed this morning that the ranges that goes above my candence number and resistance number is missing. I took my first live class today and noticed it gone and my husband took his first encore class and same thing. We had to listen out carefully to what numbers to be at. Recommendations?
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I’ve only been riding a few months, so I’m no expert. But I don’t think the ranges are available in the live classes. They get added later and are only available if you take the class at a later time.
Hey Jay. Bingo! I called today and the first peloton rep had no idea and then I called back and the second guy said exactly what you said. Phew.
Yup - on live classes you have to pay attention to what they're saying vs. looking at the ranges. You also can't see what song is playing.
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