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Cleat positioning for left foot

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Hi everyone, I’ve been searching through this forum for some help with cleat positioning but am still a little stuck. I’ve had my bike for 5 months now, but I’m finding I need to back off a bit because of pain in my left knee. It’s weird because the pain seems to move around a bit, usually at first it seems to be on top of the knee in a groove just behind the knee cap, but after a few hours, it seems to localize to the bony part of the inner aspect of the left knee I think at the top of the tibia.

After reading here and watching some videos it looks like I might need to move my cleats along the horizontal axis but they don’t seem to have much horizontal movement. I tried calling around to some bike shops for a proper fitting without much success.

Is there any one who’s had this type of issue and could offer some guidance? I’d appreciate it. My right foot/leg feels totally fine after workouts.

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