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Coming back after neck surgery

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Hello. I wanted to see if anyone has had a previous neck surgery and resumed riding. I had a cervical decompression surgery without fusion 6 weeks ago and have just been cleared to use a “stationary bike”. Where should I begin again?

Previously I really enjoyed Power Zone training. I feel I will have to work my way back to that. I read that raising the handlebars and changing the seat position helps reduce strain on the arms and neck. It puts you in a more upright position. Any thought?
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I'm not a Dr. but I would definitely suggest easing back into it - start with short beginner and low impact rides and increase the duration as you feel better. I think your idea of raising the handlebars also makes a lot of sense.
I have started PT. I have not started riding yet because there was an issue with the bike not powering on. I replaced the cables. It powers on now but no metrics. Peloton is coming out to fix it today. Hopefully, I can ride this evening or tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!!!
Good luck!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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