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Confused about how to use iPhone Health App & Apple Watch

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I work in tech, and yet this is confusing me! So ... I wanted to use the Apple Watch as my heart monitor, which it's supposed to be able to do via the Peloton Apple Watch app. However that app says to start a workout using the iPhone app. Um ... Here's where they lose me. Why would I want to watch a workout on my phone when I have that huge tablet on my Peloton bike? How can my bike transmit my workouts to my iPhone/Apple Watch/Health App? This is extremely confusing (probably because Peloton is doing a bunch of workarounds and not really integrating with iOS - they're all-in with Android).

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It's not currently possible to use an Apple Watch as your HRM when you're riding your bike unfortunately. I'd love to see Peloton enable this feature. The watch is BT and the bike only syncs with ANT+ HRMs currently. I wear my watch and start a workout so that I close my rings and I wear a scosche rhythm+ arm HRM to sync with the bike for my workout. My overall hub is Strava since I have used that for years for cycling and running workouts and Peloton workouts sync easily with Strava.

Do you like using Apple Health as your hub?
I would love to use my Apple Watch for this purpose too. I am aware of the AN?T+ restrictions but when there are third party apps like BlueHeart which claim to be able to connect your watch (via your iPhone) to the bike I don't see why Peloton don't build this into their app.
Does BlueHeart allow this to work with Peloton bikes?

One benefit of the new Bike+ is that it does allow you to use your Apple Watch as your HRM while riding the bike.
Yes it does - takes the information from your watch and rebroadcasts it to the bike in the format it knows. Have a look online and read more about it.
I have had my bike only a few months and there is no way I'm going to spend more money to change to the Bike+. Peloton need to ensure they don't forget about the thousands of people who made them what they are today and ensure that they still receive updates and new features. Something like integration to the watch is obviously something that can be done and should have been integrated months ago.
Do you find blueheart to be consistent? Some of the reviews seem to indicate it's hit or miss. If it works I may try that out. Thanks
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