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Here are some reasons why your bike makes a clicking noise when pedaling hard: If you have been having difficulties pedaling your bike and there is a knocking noise when you pedal the bike, it is a strong indication that the bike chain is poorly lubricated. Regarding the issue of the bike making clicking noises when pedaling, you can remove the pulleys and grease them one by one. Upon greasing, you can now reassemble, then put them back together again. In addition, loose cassette cogs can also be the culprit of clunking noises when pedaling the bike. To address loose cassette cogs, you need to use a cassette locking tool along with an adjustable wrench and tighten the loose parts.
I think the OP is asking about the Peloton Bike specifically, not a generic bike. Peloton doesn't have a chain or a cassette. It uses a band made of rubber on the flywheel and magnets to control resistance.
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