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Discover Your Power Zone--How to complete skipped class

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Bought new Bike+ 2 weeks ago. Signed up for Discover Your Power Zone program. Did the first 2 classes, then skipped class 3 in order to do the class 4 FTP class. So then I did classes 4-7. Tried to go to week 2 classes and couldn't access. Went back and did class 3 (which I had skipped) TWICE. Still says "skipped". How do I convince the system I have done class 3 so I can move on to week 2 classes? Thanks!
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I don't think you can unfortunately. For some reason, Peloton forces people to do programs within certain time limits and sometimes in order. I get that they could make that a requirement for people who want a badge (I don't care personally) but for others they should let the customer complete as they wish.
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