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Discover Your Power Zone--How to complete skipped class

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Bought new Bike+ 2 weeks ago. Signed up for Discover Your Power Zone program. Did the first 2 classes, then skipped class 3 in order to do the class 4 FTP class. So then I did classes 4-7. Tried to go to week 2 classes and couldn't access. Went back and did class 3 (which I had skipped) TWICE. Still says "skipped". How do I convince the system I have done class 3 so I can move on to week 2 classes? Thanks!
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Programs are way too rigid. I too wish there was a way to let me go at my own pace. Another issue I found - in one of the programs there was a class I really liked, and I wanted to bookmark it, so I can take it again. I found no option for that. Either bookmarking is impossible for classes in programs, or it is harder than it should be.
In the pelobuddy website is a list of all the classes from within the programs. If you click the class, it opens in the mobile app, at which point you can bookmark it to take it again later. Yes, harder than it needs to be.
That worked! Great tip, thank you @etz
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