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So.. I donated blood a couple of days ago. My output for all lengths of my rides decreased anywhere from 10 to 20. This is NOT to discourage anyone from donating blood, it's just to let you know you may expect that with a drop of hemoglobin, your muscles may not work quite as efficiently for a bit. Heres the thing: No one except YOU really cares about your actual output. With the extreme blood shortage right now though, MANY people will be affected- from postponed surgeries, to inadequate supply for trauma patients, it's seriously going to cause a lot worse than my Peloton numbers going down for a few days. As a health care worker who know firsthand how desperate hospitals are right now for life saving blood, I implore you to donate blood if you can. Let's face it Peloton- we're overall a pretty healthy bunch of folks. Let's share that wealth of good oxygen carrying blood with those that need it.
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