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Done with Peloton, and Good Riddance

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I am done with Peloton, as their customer service is a joke. Here is the deal: I decided to exercise the full refund option on my Tread+. (Everyone knows the extremely poor initial response by Peloton regarding the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) efforts to warn consumers about the deaths / injuries involving the Tread+. So I will not repeat that sad and sorry tale here.) I followed the Peloton online instructions on how to return the Tread+. I chose a date suggested by Peloton for XPO to pick up the Tread+, that date being today Wednesday June 15. Peloton / XPO confirmed the date in texts and emails, so I took today off from work to be home for the pickup. Please note that I separately ordered a Tread to replace my Tread+. The “replacement” Tread was scheduled for delivery on Friday June 17. Guess what: Peloton / XPO was a total no-show today. I wasted a work vacation day for nothing. Worse still, I did not receive any notice from Peloton that the Tread+ would not be picked up today. No text, no email, no phone call. When I called Peloton to inquire, the Representative (in fairness, seemed to want to be helpful) was unable to determine the issue, and was unable to reschedule the return of my Tread +. So I had to cancel my pending order for the Tread, as I could not take delivery of it on June 17 with the Tread+ in the way. I am still waiting for XPO to call with a new pickup date for the Tread+.

I was initially disappointed in the way things went down. I hated to cancel my Tread order. But upon reflection perhaps it was for the best. Why should I purchase a replacement treadmill from Peloton, when the way they handled the initial concerns of the CPSC showed a callous disregard for life? Why should I fork over a $350 (!!!!!) Tread delivery fee to Peloton / XPO when they caused me to lose a vacation day at work? Why should I pay Peloton $44 per month forever when there customer service is such a joke? Unless I am missing something and Peloton provides an explanation, then I’m done with Peloton. (In the unlikely event Peloton does provide an explanation then in fairness I will post it here. )
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It's strange, because when I placed an order for peloton weights, there were no problems at all during delivery. In addition, I subscribed to the Peloton application, so my communication with it and functioning is at an excellent level. There are thousands of classes to choose from in the Peloton app, and many of them are strength and conditioning classes. You can use weights, both light and heavy, with Peloton classes to tone your whole body at home. It seems to me that you were just unlucky when you ordered it!
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