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Favourite Instructors

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Has anyone done classes with Robin Arzon? I just finished her 45 Interval class? I just did it and it was amazing. She was so encouraging and strong! I loved her sayings like "get ready to rattle the cage"! Man, I'm sweating now!
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I haven't yet. Heard about here and went looking around for insight from others in the community.
Looking at Pelotons youtube page, the comments section was disabled which leaves me concerned with the like to dislike ratio. There might have been constructive criticism we'd like to see.
I have heard her mentioned a few times amongst others, but have yet to partake in one of her classes. From searching around it appears she is listed with 3 other standout instructors. Cody Rigsby, Jennifer Jacobs and Matt Wilpers round out the top list.
The most important thing about the variety of different instructors is that each takes a different approach to their classes. Some are more for beginners while people like Matt are only for veteran riders. I think each has a rating based on difficulty.
Whether you are attending live classes or watching previously recorded sessions, there seems to be a good mix of difficulties. I've come across a few different streams with Ally Love and I really like her 30 min hip hop rides.
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Some good recommendations have been mentioned on a reddit thread

Of the rides I've taken, probably Matt Wilpers is the least "chatty". He's usually talking about technique and the ride itself. Jennifer Jacobs isn't very chatty either if I recall
Mart wilpers, Emma and Denis
Check out Steven Little. He is no longer a Peloton instructor but still has a lot of on demand rides. Mostly rock and alternative music.
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Alex Toussaint is my favorite but I also like Robin Arzon for cycling and running as well as Emma Lovewell. There is a good variety to choose from so I go for music I like and an instructor who I want to listen to while I'm on the bike. Some of them talk more than others and also have different styles, e.g. the Groove style rides have more choreography like Soul Cycle while Power Zone rides are more for hard core cyclists.
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