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I've had my Peloton for 2 months and have become a dedicated rider. I get a lot of motivation when I happen to enter a class around the same time as someone who is 'here now' and slightly faster than me. I spend the whole time trying to race them and have gotten a few PRs that way. The problem is it's kind of luck of the draw whether I end up with someone like that in one of my classes. I find the general leaderboard too large and unwieldy to actually race people, and I'm not interested in racing people who are my own age and sex.

I feel like the tags might be a solution for non-live rides, as you could race against people in the tag only, but I'm not interested in a huge tag with thousands of people who self-identify as 'hardcore', for example. I want to find a group of people who ride regularly and who are at my exact average output (or slightly better) to race against and improve with. Is the best way to do this by looking at the leaderboard at the end of the ride and following the people around me? Or is there a better way to find these people - like through this forum? I'd like to be able to communicate with them as well, as knowing they are also trying to race you is also motivating.

For context I'm usually around top 10% of the rides I do. My average output PR for a 20 minute ride is 237.

Thanks for any advice :)
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