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Hello and welcome!

This is a common question and unfortunately Peloton is not as adjustable as it could be which can make fit a problem for some riders. My daughter is and her friend are about your height and she can ride with no problem but it depends a bit on your arm, torso and leg length.

It may not be possible right now with social distancing but I would recommend going to a friends house to try it out if you know someone who is a bike or going to a Peloton showroom when they open back up. If you don't want to wait you could order the bike and return it immediately if it doesn't work for you.

Here are some tips I gave another person who was having trouble reaching the handlebars
Handlebar issue on the peloton

Good luck and please let us know what you decide to do!

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I'm thinking about getting a Peloton bike and am a female, 4'10" tall. Will I be able to adjust the seat height and handlebars to be able to ride comfortably? Thank you.
I am 4'11 so not much taller, I have not problem with any of the settings except the length between the seat and the handle bars. I do wish the seat went another 2 or 3 inches forward. But I make it work and love my rides!
Hope that helps!
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