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That may be a heavy lift. As you may be aware, the time frame for owners to return the Tread+ for a full refund was November 2022. As I understand it, Peloton has extended that window well into 2023. However no doubt most Tread+ owners (like me) have already returned the Tread+ for full refund or made a decision to keep it. Also, per Consumers Reports (believed reliable):

“ “By law, retailers must pull recalled items from sale. But it is perhaps less well-known that the law also makes it illegal to sell recalled products on the secondhand market.” “

So a Tread+ owner‘s best option is to take the Peloton refund offer. Or make the decision to keep,it knowing he/she may never be able to resell it. (At about 500 pounds, he/she may never be able to move it either!!!) A chancy secondary option for a fellow Tread+ owner is to wait for a Federal Government approved fix of the safety issue. That would solve the resell dilemma. However who knows when and if and what.

Good luck
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