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I've had this issue with pedal clicking both in and out of the saddle, high or low tension etc and I think I've figured it out. I just had a frame swap done under warranty for another issue and the brand new bike had this on my first ride. Here's what seems to have worked for me:

1. Buy a can of dry lube spray with Teflon (this will leave a white residue on your black pedals)
2. Ensure your bike is level both front and back
3. Ensure your cleats are properly positioned so your feet are square and facing forward when clipped in, not bowed in or out. I make sure when I'm clipped in that when I pull my heels in towards the crank shaft, the furthest they will go is so my toes are pointing straight forward and my heels won't rub against the crank shaft when pedaling
4. Ensure your cleat screws are tight
5. Ensure your pedal screw is tight to the crank shaft
6. Check your tension screw on the bottom side of the pedal. If you look at the end of the pedal by the tension screw, you will see the screw and a metal plate. As you tighten the screw, the plate moves closer to the bottom and as you loosen it, closer to the top. I find somewhere in the middle or slightly tighter is best
7. There are several rubbing points that need to be sprayed with this lube. On the pedals themselves, the underside of where both the front and back of the cleats seat in to the pedal clips. On the cleats themselves, the underside of the ledges where they seat in to the pedal clips. I spray all contact points on the cleats and pedals but ensuring you get the underside of the ledges is important (photos below for each step)

You will notice after doing this that your can move your feet easier side to side when clipped in which is why step 2 above is important. That said, all clicking/squeaking noises are gone, it's quiet as quiet can be now whether I'm in or out of the saddle, high or low tension, leaning forward or sitting upright. Hope that helps.

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