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How to solve wobble when on carpet

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Hi, new owner and the Peloton is sited in a room which is carpeted (fairly deep pile and underlay) and when out of the saddle there is a wobble as it shifts on the pile.

have tried a hardwood board (half inch thick) underneath but that seems to make it worse, almost as if you are then surfing on the pile (if that makes sense).

Anyone had similar issue and had any success with any solution?

Thanks in advance
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Is the bike stable on a hard floor ? There are adjustable feet at the centre and edges of each support. I'd check that first.
It would be yes, and the feet are there and I've tried adjusting them. Even tried removing them completely but the centre one has a raised 'socket' so you can't benefit from having the 'legs' flat on the floor without the feet.

This is definitely a 'carpet' issue that I'm looking for ideas to solve.
I would try a very heavy, thick rubber mat. No less than 1" thick. That will absorb the vibrations and conform to the carpet unlike a hard wood board.
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