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Hello Peloton forum, please let me know if anyone has been in this situation:

I wanted to “test” to see what would happen if I tracked my workout with my peloton machine as well as the Polar app as I use a Polar HR monitor. Given that you can connect the HR monitor to 2 devices simultaneously, I figured I’d give it a shot.

I did a 30 min upper body and the peloton bike told me I burnt 152 kcal. The polar app told me I burnt 125kcal.

I then did a run on the tread and the tread told me I burnt 287 kcal. The Polar app told me I burnt 323 kcal.

For both workouts, my avg HR and max HR were the same on both the peloton machine and the polar app.

Anyone know anything that might help?

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