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Inaccurate Metrics

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Anyone having issues with inaccurate metrics? I have had my Peloton for over a month, been putting in the work and have clocked over 600km.
I have noticed recently that the number has started going backwards?

Is there a setting I should change?

I am worried about the accuracy because if Peloton cannot get a simple stats such as total distance covered right, what about the other metrics we rely on?

Anyone with detail about why this would be the case please let me know.
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I'm guessing you are using a Bike+? Haven't heard of that one but I've heard of a lot of other bugs. I would send a video to Peloton to document it as you're inside the warranty. It's possible they can fix with a sw update but it could require a service visit.

I've had my old bike for almost two years and haven't had any problems.
I agree - I'm hearing a fair number of issues related to the bike+ unfortunately.
I have the same problem

I'm having similar issues with my bike+. My metrics keep rolling back. (Active Days, Workouts, Time, Distance, Calories and Average Output) This is so frustrating as I'm a numbers person. Right now I have no idea how far I've riden.

I got my bike in July and use it almost every day, and do 3-5 workouts per day.

If anyone has had any luck with a fix and how to sync up the metrics, please post!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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