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Indoor Century Ride Challenge

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Hey guys, I know we have to stay indoors during these times and it is hard finding a way to work out. Do not worry. For all you biking enthusiasts, I have a challenge for you. The Indoor Century Ride Challenge! If you have an indoor trainer and really want to test yourself during these times, then this is the challenge for you.
Now here are the rules:
You must complete the century ride (100 miles) in a span of 24 hours.
Share this challenge to other biking enthusiasts after you complete it.

That's it! Simply complete the 100 miles in your leisure. You can even take breaks if you want. Or if you really want to challenge yourself, do it all at once like I did. I would love to see everybody's stats if you take on this challenge. It would be a great way to motivate everyone during these times. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video :)

4:00 10th mile
6:00 20th mile
8:00 30th mile
10:00 40th mile
12:00 50th mile
14:00 60th mile
16:00 70th mile
18:00 80th mile
20:00 90th mile
21:40 last mile
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