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Initial Bike Setup

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Hi all!

I am a brand new peloton bike owner-loving it so far. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the bike was delivered to my driveway only. So the bike was partially set up, but I didn't get the entire delivery experience.

The question is this: the cable that plugs into the tablet is currently routed from the bottom of the bike directly to the tablet, outside the bike. The cable isn't really in the way, and doesn't effect the performance, but it doesn't look right. There must be a way to route the cable through the bike to hide it, but I can't figure it out. Anyone out there have ideas?

TIA, Chuck
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Hi Chuck. Welcome and congrats your puchase!

Here are a couple of pics from my bike setup which was set up by the installers in my house. The cable is attached to the handlebars, then routed down between the top of the bottle holders then back up inside the bike above the wheel and inside the frame of the bike from there so it's no longer visible. If that's what yours looks like it's correct. If it's fully outside the bike it's not right.
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Thanks for the quick response. What you sent is exactly what I need to get the bike set up. Appreciate it!
Great! Here's one more pic in case it helps. This is where the wires come down inside the frame and go into a hole on the right at which point they are inside the frame the rest of the way down.

Are you already a cyclist and/or spinner or new to it?

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I’m a cyclist from way back. Brand new to spinning, but the transition has been easy. ?
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