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I used to use a Spinner bike with the Peloton app before I got a Peloton bike. One of the challenges was that it was hard to match what the instructor was calling out. On the bike you can see if you're in the right range of cadence and resistance as it shows you on the screen. With another bike you can try to match the speed the instructors legs are moving for cadence but resistance is harder.

On the Peloton bike 0% resistance is obviously no resistance at all. At 100% I can move the wheel if I go into it with momentum but it's not at all sustainable for more than a few seconds. You could try to measure what the equivalent is on your bike so you can determine how many turns would equal 5% for instance.

Regardless, if you're sweating and getting a workout, precision may not be a requirement. At Soulcycle no one tracks their resistance and they still get great workouts.

Hope that helps!
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