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Instructors for unfit beginners

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Hi guys
I got my bike yesterday yay. Anyone recommend instructors who are good to ride with? Especially for an unfit beginner like myself.
Any recommendations welcome thank you
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LOL, you are on the bike HurricaneHippo so you are already in better shape than someone who is not!!! Check out Matt Wilpers and Christine D'Ercole, they offer some great beginner rides and focus on form. Good posture and pedal stroke are very important, both in keeping it fun so you show improvement, but more importantly to prevent injury. Get your pedal stroke down, sit back on the seat, look ahead, and slight flex in your elbows. I would bet that you never rode a bike for an hour, I mean really rode a bike, not a cruise at the beach with a balloon tire bike. Most people new to Peloton have not really RIDDEN a bike. Well you are now! You are riding a high end bike at speed and for a long time. Good form is very important. Get yourself some padded shorts and bike socks, that will help too. Then commit, you are now a biker. Oh, and welcome to the cult! Stick with it, little bits at a time, but at ride 100 take a look back at your first rides and I guarantee you will not believe the progress that you have made. Before you know it you will be buying a $1500 plus road bike too.
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