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New to the bike and the forum. After reading through the comments I get that there are a wide range of people that use the Peloton and that Peloton is not servicing the those of you that are training or moderate to high end athletes.

For those of us that bought the Peloton to get into shape, the motivational part of the rides, I find to be helpful. I think Peloton has focused too heavily on this market. Most likely their data shows that we are the largest consumers purchasing Peloton's and they are trying to keep us as members.

That said, I do see a point in the distant future for myself when I do get fit that I would like less talking. I also agree that the extra banter is not needed. I use the option for more music than instructor on every ride. Though I do want to hear them for the queues.

Has anyone sent a request to Peloton requesting less talk for high end rides?

Peddle on my brothers.
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