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Is it possible to cast TO a Peloton Screen?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to cast TO a Peloton screen?

I have some old Les Mills RPM DVD’s and I’d love to have a cycle down memory Lane on my Peloton bike!

I need to work out a way of displaying the DVD’s on the Peloton screen.

I know you can cast FROM Peloton TO a TV screen but I can’t find anything online about casting the other way 🤷‍♂️
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Hi Nick,

I've never heard of a way to cast to the Peloton tablet. Most people with similar situations tend to just play/cast the content to a TV nearby. If you figure out another way, please let us know!
I may have found a way, it involves making yourself a developer on the Peloton and plugging a laptop into the tablet running developer software. If it works I’ll report back!
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This would be a great feature to be able to cast to a small window on the screen and watch during the scenic rides.
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