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Looking for a sense of progress.

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I’m 65 Years old and my wife and I got the bike about two months ago. We are basically taking 20 or 30 minute rides including a warmup and cool down. Just wondering how our scores are because honestly it’s hard to find any consistent benchmark information. My high output for a 20 rise is 211 and my average is between 185 and 211. Is that average or should I push harder?
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Honestly this is Pelotons biggest knock by far. Scores are so drastically different from bike to bike. Best bet is to track your scores over time. For instance I’m 6’ 200lbs 5 years removed for D1 lacrosse. I had an original bike and my 20min average pushing max capacity was 330 with a PR of 370. I now have a bike+ and I am lucky to break 300 consistently and over the last year my new PR is 340.
Track your rides and if you’re following an instructor the score will differ. I would repeat the same ride you PR on and redo that same ride every 2 months.
One way to track progress is to occasionally ride the 20 Minute FTP Test Ride by Matt Wilpers on 1/30/20 @ 7:00 am. The "Class Type" is "Power Zone" in the filters.

It consists of riding 20 minutes with 4 segments of 5 minutes each. Each 5 minutes, increase your effort level from Moderate to Hard to Very Hard to Maximally Hard.

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