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M-F 6am schedule

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You’ve got a dedicated core group of your membership who rides regularly at 6am.
1. All rides should be 45 min. A 30 and a 10 min is beyond annoying and insulting.
2. Do not outsource a 6am to the London studio. The vibe due to the time zones change is way different. It’s not appreciated.
3. Don’t mess with the schedule. We are a group of ppl who thrive on structure and accountability.
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Good luck. Finding a solid group can be challenging, when you do its amazing!
I agree with you that it would be nice if Peloton stuck to a schedule a bit more for the live rides. I have a 7AM PST ride I like to do on Saturdays with a bunch of the same people and it's annoying if it gets changed or canceled. That said I end up doing the majority of my workouts on demand as it's rare that what I'm looking for is happening during my morning window to workout.

On the other point I actually like that there are a variety of durations. I will do rides up to 60 minutes but there are many days when I only have time for 20 minutes and that is better than nothing. I also regularly do the 10 minute cool down rides or 10 minute warm up rides if I'm feeling competitive or am going for a PR.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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