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Main Peloton competitors

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There have been quite a few new high tech exercise bikes that have come to market over the past year or so. Found an article that covers some of the main alternatives if budget is a concern.
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pricing gets interesting as you start looking at used prices because they can vary A LOT
the usual channels; craigslist, facebook marketplace, letgo, forums, etc.
Joining other groups might help and searching new marketplaces, instagram just launched their own.
I seen some people weighing the cost benefit of owning a Peloton vs using one at the gym. At around $80/month those memberships can add up if you're not using other machines to make it worth while

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Price for the Peloton Studio is at $50/month and is unlimited. So that's also something to consider compared to having your own Peloton at home. Studio's can be more motivating.
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