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More pain/soreness than regular cycling???

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I’ve had a peloton for two months but before that was riding hard outdoors for about a year. I feel like the peloton makes my calves much tighter and sore, which has led to foot tendinitis and pain. I feel like maybe this is because to get a good workout on peloton I usually have the resistance cranked pretty high. Obviously I am stretching and rolling my calves and stuff but just wanted to see if anybody else has experienced this? I don’t have this problem when I ride outdoors on a road bike.
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Yes, this is common. On the Peloton and spinning in general you are working the whole time whereas on a bike you are coasting and not working hard the whole time.

I would recommend doing a 5 or 10 minute cool down ride after each hard ride and also mixing in low impact rides or recovery rides.
I am a physical therapist, if you are having plantar fascitis try getting a water bottle, empty out a little bit and freeze. This makes a great foot massage if you roll your foot on the bottle. Also don't just stretch your achilles with your knee straight for like a minute, but then stretch it out with your knee bent. That gets the muscle underneath the gastrocs. Always follow all medical advice with your doctor. I am just someone online.
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