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I would like to see other music features in Peloton's software. The bitrate the music is streamed is low quality, so when you have quality speakers connected to the bike the experience is subpar.

It would be ideal to have the following:
1) Option to control the quality of the music streaming, exactly like the Spotify app offers in the phone
2) Option to mute the instructor (I don't the verbal motivation of the coach really, just music and the training data guidance of zone, cadence, resistance)
3) It would be great to have an advanced feature to bring your own playlist. Ideally the class would have information about the intervals bit per minute to support that.
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I like those ideas. I think #2 would be the one with the broadest mass appeal.
Totally, I would add option to mute the music as well both on the bike and specially on the app for yoga classes that inevitable and ridiculously feature spinning gym class type of western music.
My guess is that is a lot of people send emails or voice their concerns they will eventually listen
Does anyone know if we can turn off the music in the yoga classes?
Does anyone know if we can turn off the music in the yoga classes?
I have asked technical support, my friends have...the reply has been to blame the app version or the device your using. One representative said they may fix the issue if enough people complain. As of now, you cannot change the volume of the music or bring your own.

Peloton is a leader in other areas...but an example of the ways misappropriation can completely miss the whole point of yoga. It's a dissonant weird cacophony of blaring noises while an instructor is telling to breath light and calm into your body!?

My friends are going to or Down Dog. I too am finally considering it.
Thank you! I will also check our and Down Dog.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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