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Hey all,

My bike is a 2020 second hand bike but with very few rides (~35). It functions well other than this mysterious noise that occurs. I tried tightening everything I can tighten, inspecting it closely, and still can't figure out what's triggering the noise or causing the noise. It makes a sharp metallic clank that sounds like it's coming from the front. It usually occurs 2-3 times in the first 5 minutes of riding and is quiet the rest of the ride. It's most noticeable in the 30 minutes after riding making about 5-10 random loud clanks, then it's silent again. Has anyone else experienced this? Peloton support initially said that the belt needs to be realigned and the sprocket is hitting the frame. The belt itself looks aligned and in good condition when I removed the belt cover. Now they're suggesting that the magnet is hitting the flywheel and the frame needs to be swapped? When adjusting the resistance knob, none of the magnets touch the wheel and I've never seen it hit the wheel when the sound occurs. It doesn't sound like peloton support is sure what is going on either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

noise after cycling, when idle

noise while cycling
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