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Need to get started but need screen/monitor mounting plate/bracket

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I got a bike recently without the screen and ordered a screen separate. The screen tests fine but I’m missing the complete screen/monitor mount. No bolts, plate, or anything. Can anyone help me out with some parts. I can’t imagine these are cheap from Peloton.

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Pickup the phone and call peloton. Or try here before they get shutdown by Peloton Peloton Bike Parts | Peloton Replacement & Repair Parts
I ended up getting a dual screen mount from Amazon for $20 and had to cut the mounting plate to fit the Peleton screen but it works and has the swivel also. Not pretty and the vents are partially blocked but it works for now.

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I was missing the mounting plate as well, and couldn't find the exact mount that was used here.
Wanted to share what I did and list out the parts used for if anyone runs into this in the future, a google search brought me here after all.

1/4 inch Nut

1/4 inch x 3.5 inch Bolt (Could potentially do 3 inch, it'd be tight. see picture below. M8 doesn't fit in the VESA mount)

12 Washers (See picture)

VESA mount

Peloton Swivel Mount

The VESA mount is attached to the back plate by two screws and two bars held together with rivets. Remove the rivets with needle nose pliers as well as the screws, you only need the VESA portion of the mount. You can see below how I attached it to the swivel mount. If you didn't want the swivel mount, I suppose it's optional. No reason you couldn't mount the VESA panel directly to the bike.

Hope someone finds this helpful!

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