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needed parts / frame sleeve or handlebar sleeve for adjustment

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I am desperately needing the sleeve that goes into the frame that would hold up your entire seat post. This sleeve is the same one that is used to hold your handlebars up as well so it really isn't an oddball part. I am month one now into hearing Peloton tell me TBD on the the availability of this part. To Be Determined on shipping status updates is the quickest way to alienate your customer base! You are obviosuly building new bikes and shipping them out at breakneck pace how about we allocate some parts for the warranty program. I even bought an extended warranty for my bike several years ago but in hindsight I am doubting my decision on that purchase.
As it stands today I have a tech person who will try to reach out to some of the regional repair centers where they techs work out of and see if we can locate an odd sleeve laying around. I guess my hope is now that somehow a bike was mangled in transport and we can potentially part it out!!!
If you are a great manufacturer you always have repair parts to back up existing sales. Do not give me the Covid excuse that one has been used and quite frankly worn out. I can go back on many threads from various forums and prove getting parts has always been an issue pre-Covid!
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